Finding the perfect oven for curing powder coatings is a challenging proposition. High quality finish, part after part, requires precise control of temperature during each stage of heating. Initially, high heat is required to preheat the part and fuse the loose coating particles. No significant air circulation can be allowed that might disturb the unfused coating particles or introduce contaminants to the coating.

Once fused, the coating must then be held at a precise temperature for a specified time throughout the polymerization or crosslinking stage to develop the optimum film coating hardness, flexibility, and durability. If temperatures are too high, discoloration will result. If temperatures are too low, adhesion will suffer.

Powder coated parts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Part geometry and characteristics as well as powder formulation directly affect the oven system design. Therefore, the oven must be designed to ensure consistent and precise control of temperature, heat intensity, and airflow as well as material handling and process control.

THERMOCURE™; ovens are specifically designed to solve the challenge of curing powder coatings. Thermovation Engineering follows a systematic approach to the design of powder coating curing ovens. We thoroughly analyze your needs and constraints, and then design a flexible oven that combines the right mix of infrared and convection technologies to operate efficiently and effectively and to produce the optimum coating characteristics you desire at the lowest possible cost.

We know that no single heating technology, whether gas or electric, infrared or convection, can alone meet the complex curing requirements of powder coatings. Each has its own capabilities and limitations. That is why THERMOCURE™; ovens were developed. To provide the perfect combination.

Our THERMOCURE™; ovens increase quality and productivity. Our THERMOCURE™; ovens hold temperatures to within two degrees of the set point. And our THERMOCURE™; ovens not only require less space, but cost less to operate than the systems they replace.

For more than 27 years Thermovation Engineering has designed and built innovative heating, handling, and control systems for customers around the world. We have literally written the book on infrared heating. And we offer more than just equipment. We provide solutions.

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