Rubber Extrusion Ovens.


Extruded rubber products are found in every car and every home in the country. Whether a seal or a belt, extruded rubber products have unique characteristics that make it ideal for appliance, construction, and automotive applications.

High quality rubber extrusion requires precise control of each stage of production. None of these stages is more critical than curing. Quality, productivity, and operating costs depend upon the accurate control and uniformity of the temperature and airflow throughout the curing stage. And the accurate control and uniformity of the temperature and airflow are solely dependent upon the design of the curing oven itself.

Thermovation Engineering follows a systematic approach to the design of rubber extrusion curing ovens. We thoroughly analyze your needs and design an oven to optimize the rate and uniformity of heat transfer. The result of optimized heat transfer is increased productivity and quality of the extruded product.

Thermovation Engineering ovens provide optimized heat transfer through high velocity and variable velocity convection. Unlike other convection ovens which rely on higher temperatures and minimal air movement, Thermovation Engineering high velocity convection ovens deliver more effective and efficient heat transfer at lower temperatures, thereby increasing productivity and quality at reduced operating costs. The results can be found in nylon wire from Glassmaster to rubber seals from Avon Automotive.

Our high velocity convection is created by forcing large volumes of heated air into a pressurized supply plenum chamber along the length of the zone to deliver high velocity streams of heated air along and across the extrusion, accurately and uniformly. Accurate temperature control within each zone is provided by fast-response temperature sensors and modulating burners. Inverter controlled blower motors provide adjustability of the velocity of the air and thereby effectively control the rate of heat transfer. These temperature and airflow adjustments may even be incorporated into any PLC product profile for each zone and each extrusion for total control.

As a result, our rubber extrusion ovens increase quality and productivity. All of our ovens hold temperatures to within two degrees of the set point along and across the extrusion. Our ovens not only require less space, but cost less to operate than the systems they replace. And all of our ovens are safe, reliable, and maintainable. Furthermore, our ovens can be integrated with microwave, salt bath, or infrared boosters and cooling systems in a complete system, from the exit of the extruder to packaging.

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