Polyurethane Ovens.


Polyurethane plays a pivotal role in many of today's consumer and industrial products. The unique physical properties of polyurethane make it the ideal material for a wide range of applications, from automotive to medical.

However, to achieve the desired physical properties for a specific product or application, exact control of each stage of the manufacturing process is required. And none of these stages is more critical than the curing stage.

Quality, productivity and even operating costs depend upon the precise control and uniformity of the time, temperature, and airflow throughout the curing oven. And the precise control and uniformity of the temperature and airflow are solely dependent upon the proper design and construction of the curing oven itself.

Thermovation Engineering follows a systematic approach to the design and construction of curing ovens for polyurethane. We thoroughly analyze your needs and constraints, and then design an oven that will operate effectively and efficiently and produce the specific physical properties you desire, from Shore to Shore, at the highest possible output and the lowest possible cost. Our results can be found in Kryptonics wheels on rollerblades around the world.

We know that no standard oven design can alone meet the requirements of all polyurethane processors. Each design has its own capabilities and limitations. We do, however, custom design every curing oven to incorporate the right combination of controlled velocity convection and infrared, to promote fast, accurate, and precise temperature control. As a result, our curing ovens hold temperatures to within two degrees of set point.

Furthermore, in our continuing efforts to serve the needs of polyurethane processors, we have developed creative approaches to bring quality, productivity, and cost advantages to existing processes by replacing batch curing systems with faster continuous systems. And our approach to polyurethane curing, using high velocity airflow and precise temperature control, can be applied to the processing of other materials as well.