Oven Technologies.


We at Thermovation Engineering have the unique ability to objectively discuss all oven technologies because we build ovens that use them all, whether gas or electric, infrared or convection, batch or continuous. So we hope the following pages provide you with the direction you need to solve your heating needs.

Typically, ovens are often defined by their heat source. For example, you may be interested in an infrared oven, or a convection oven. Or you may be interested in a gas infrared oven, or an electric infrared oven, or a combination oven. As you can see, the heat source, whether infrared or convection, is used to classify the type of oven.

But the definitions do not end there. Ovens are also defined and classified in other ways as well. You may be interested in a continuous oven, or a batch oven, or even a dryer. So as you can see, these definitions and classifications raise more questions than answers.

So on the following oven technologies pages, we will define ovens by technology and by the heat source. On the oven applications pages in the following section, we will define ovens by the application, or the process. For example, you may be interested in a powder coating oven or a rubber curing oven. So feel free to browse our pages, our frequently asked questions, or even search our site using the search engine provided.

See also infrared, convection, and combination ovens.