Who is Molding & Coating Technologies (MCT)?


MCT is teamed with Thermovation Engineering, the leader in oven technology, for the purpose of providing quality, innovative dip molding and coating machines designed specifically to meet your plastisol molding and coating needs.

Plastics are often thought of in terms of mass production. Traditional plastic processes like injection molding and blow molding quickly come to mind. But as specialized plastics opportunities develop, plastic dip molding and coating offers an effective alternative for the molding of grips, handles, caps, plugs, and beverageware, and the coating of hand tools and outdoor furniture: The applications are limitless.

Dip molding and coating has a number of advantages over traditional plastic processes: Shorter lead times, lower tooling costs, fast prototyping, and lower capital costs. The results of these advantages allow you to get a wide range of dip molded and coated products to your customers quickly and economically.

MCT is the leader in dip molding and coating throughout the world. Our team enables us to provide comprehensive service to current and future manufacturers of dip molded and coated products. Our in-line, rotary, advanced, and dual-path machines are the most advanced in the world. As a result, we can offer you more than just equipment. We provide you with solutions. Count on MCT to be your single source for machinery, equipment, service, training, support, and education.

For plastic parts, www.plasticdipmoldings.com