Latex Ovens and Glove Machines.


Latex is a material that offers many pragmatic solutions to today's difficult problems. The natural barrier properties of latex have found extensive application in the medical industry, most visibly in the production of gloves and condoms, and less visibly in an endless variety of products.

High quality output, glove after glove and condom after condom, requires precise control of each stage of manufacture. None of these stages is more critical than latex drying and curing. Quality, productivity and operating costs depend upon the accurate control and uniformity of the temperature and airflow throughout the drying and curing stage. And the accurate control and uniformity of the temperature and airflow are solely dependent upon the design of the drying and curing oven itself.

Thermovation Engineering follows a systematic approach to the design of latex drying and curing ovens and turnkey machines for the manufacture of gloves and condoms. We thoroughly analyze your needs and constraints, and then design a system that will operate efficiently and effectively to produce the specific latex product characteristics you desire at the highest possible output and lowest possible cost. The results can be found in balloons from National Latex to gloves from Safeskin.

We know that no single production system design can alone meet the requirements of all latex products and producers. Each machine has its own capabilities and limitations. We do, however, design every drying and curing oven to incorporate the right combination of high velocity airflow and accurate temperature control to provide the uniformity, consistency and quality results you desire.

Our approach to latex drying and curing, using high velocity airflow and accurate temperature control, can be applied to the production of latex alternative materials as well. And our experience extends from North America to Asia.

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