How to Buy an Oven.


Selecting an oven for your process requires several factors to be considered. Depending on your process and the goals that must be accomplished, some factors will weigh heavier than others. We have included a guide to help begin your research and define those factors when buying an oven. The oven design will vary based on the products, process, and oven specifications.

Product specifications

  • Size and shape of the product.
  • Product weight.
  • Weight per batch.
  • Material specifications.
  • Solvents being used in the process.

Process specifications

  • Specific oven heat-up time required.
  • Temperature required.
  • Time required.
  • Required temperature accuracy.
  • Required temperature uniformity.
  • How many parts per hour.
  • Batch or continuous process.
  • Part handling.
  • Continuous operation or intermittent.

Oven specifications

  • Electric or gas preference.
  • Heat input of the existing oven.
  • Space limitations.
  • Improvements you are looking for.