Handling, Control, and Compliance.


Handling systems.

So now you know what oven technologies are ideal for your process. But how should your parts be handled? Once again, we can help. Having built thousands of ovens, our experience with handling systems is extensive. Every oven we build is designed around a handling approach: And most of our ovens even incorporate the handling systems right into the oven, whether a monorail conveyor, a conveyor belt, a chain on edge conveyor, robotics, or another handling approach.

Control systems.

Just like handling systems, we design and build ovens that incorporate the right control system for your process. From simple temperature control to complex machine control, we have the in-house resources to design, build, program, and troubleshoot every control system available. Our PLC experience extends from General Electric to Allen Bradley and every PLC in between. And our PC control experience in oven and dip molding machine control is unmatched.

Air pollution control systems.

The everchanging regulations established by the EPA and other agencies require manufacturers to install, upgrade, or replace pollution control systems specifically to meet the shifting complexities. New destruction systems will be required to incorporate technology not yet developed by many other manufacturers. Continual support will be necessary. And the low cost, short term "fixes" offered by some manufacturers often result in higher long term costs, continuing liability, and noncompliance penalties.

We can help. As a result of our extensive experience with solvent based materials, we have designed and built fume destruction systems and thermal oxidizers to meet your regulatory requirements and specifications. Our systems allow you to maintain control and compliance. And we fully support and service your fume destruction system to meet your everchanging needs.

Complete fume destruction requires of three important factors: Time, temperature, and turbulence. The exhaust air stream must be raised to a high enough temperature to initiate the oxidation reaction, then be held at that temperature for sufficient time to complete the reaction. Turbulence is necessary to insure that the entire exhaust air stream is thoroughly mixed with the burner flame, so that all of it reaches the necessary ignition temperature.

We know that no standard oven, handling system, control system, or even air pollution control system can alone meet the requirements of every application. Each design has its own capabilities and limitations. We do, however, custom design every system to incorporate the right combination of effectiveness and efficiency to meet the needs of your specific application.