Thermoforming Ovens and Machines.


Thermoformed products play an important role in many of today's consumer and industrial products. Sheet fed thermoforming processes endless material choices and applications from packaging to recreation to industrial and automotive, all make thermoforming a valuable molding process. And inexpensive tooling make it cost effective for almost every application.

However, to achieve the desired physical properties for a specific product or application, exact control of every step of the sheet fed forming process is required. And none of these stages is more critical than heating.

Quality, productivity, and even operating costs depend upon the precise control and uniformity of the temperature throughout the oven. And the precise control and uniformity of the temperature are dependent solely upon the proper design and construction of the oven itself.

Thermovation Engineering follows a systematic approach to the design and manufacture of ovens and machines for sheet fed thermoforming. We thoroughly analyze your needs and constraints, and then design a system that will operate effectively and efficiently, whether gas or electric infrared, at the highest possible output and the lowest possible cost.

We know that no standard oven or machine design can alone meet the requirements of all thermoformers as well. Each design has its own capabilities and limitations. We do, however, custom design every system to incorporate the right combination of technologies for the job.

Technology has allowed us to make significant advancements in thermoforming as well. Non-contact temperature sensors and SCR controls allow us to control temperatures instantly and accurately. Servo motor driven platens allow us to rapidly and precisely position the sheet or molds for forming. PLC and PC controls allow the system to be centrally controlled with stored profiles for simple and repeatable performance as well as collection of SPC data. And our other advances include vacuum and pneumatic forming, gas and electric infrared heating, shuttle and rotary machines, inline trimming, and digital and visual temperature control, monitoring, and recording.

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